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3rd gen 4runner master cylinder upgrade

The brakes on my 4runner never seemed to work that great with over-sized tires. When I first swapped in the D44, they seemed to get a little better, but then somehow went bad again.

The pedal was very soft, the rear brakes were doing little or nothing at all, and I could mash the pedal all the way to the floor without even coming close to locking up the tires. Stopping distances were very long, even when the truck was empty. After a while I got fed up with it all and decided that it was unsafe to drive like this and I found some ways to upgrade.

Big mistake. This meant that they only worked well when they were hot, which for me was not very often I didn't realize this when I bought them. I swapped those out for some cheap NAPA semi-metallic replacements. These work well and have a MUCH better bite when cold. I may give these a try next time I need new pads.

Raybestos "BruteStop" pads were another higher-friction pad recommended to me that are supposed to work well when cold. Mushy pedal- The big Chevy D44 calipers need a whole lot more fluid than the Toyota calipers.

Searching around the Net, I found that Scott at Rockstomper. That's a huge difference! My brake pedal was now rock-hard and could not be pushed all the way to the floor no matter how hard I tried. Locking up the front tires was now finally possible. The only disadvantage was that it also increased the pedal-effort needed to stop the truck. So I found a work-around for that A dual-diaphragm brake booster.

Most earlier Toyota's like mine came with a single diaphragm booster. Around the early to mid '90's, Toyota started using dual diaphragm boosters, which provide even more vacuum brake assist.

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I picked up a dual-diaphragm booster from a '97 T 4x4. It was the same over all diameter as my old one, but 1" thicker and still bolted right in. The bigger booster made the pedal feel a little softer again, and the pedal effort needed to stop the truck decreased quite a bit. The pedal only needs to be depressed a fraction of the effort and distance of what it used to. I could stomp the brakes as hard as I could when pointed up a steep hill, but all that would happen is that the front tires would drag and the truck would roll backwards.

So, I installed a Wilwood manually adjustable proportioning valve. This worked great. I can adjust it so the rear brakes lock up long before the fronts if I want to, but that's not a good thing because in a panic stop the rear end will want to come around.

So I backed it off a bit and set it so that the fronts lock up just before the rears do. I can tell the rear brakes are actually doing something now.

The pedal effort is much less than it used to be, my truck stops on a dime, and I can lock up all four tires if I want or need to. I feel much safer being able to stop the truck much more easily. This setup worked even better! Hydraulic pressure and leverage is directly dependant on the piston surface area at each end of the system master end and caliper end.

You have a relatively small piston in the master cylinder and large ones in the calipers. This gives your foot a leverage advantage.Remember Me?

3rd gen 4runner master cylinder upgrade

Site Navigation. Wondering if anyone knows what are the best options for an MC upgrade? My t4r is a 98 with a rear disk conversion abs disconnected when PO switched to crmo axles on the rear. My brakes were always on the edge meaning a little squishy technical term with more pedal travel than normal. After my Tundra upgrade I, this problem is even more pronounced. Bled the system two times and will bleed it again this weekend when my brother is available.

Not getting any air bubbles out of the lines anymore so I think this is what I', stuck with. I've heard swapping out to a Tundra MC aftermarket ones are pretty reasonable or going with a mid 80's Chevy 1-ton MC will push more fluid and return a firmer pedal.

As an aside the new brakes work great, it's just that they take a while to make contact with the rotors and it feels like if I really tried I could get the pedal to the floor if I tried. Member's Picture Albums. Find More Posts by the great him.

Originally Posted by the kid. Just to make sure since you have the rear disc conversion, have you checked to make sure the calipers aren't getting pushed back in thus causing the long pedal travel? For me this waas a huge improvement, but as you know I still need to try a proportioning valve. Custom skid plates. Originally Posted by driffter No adaptor needed. All I had to do was slightly oval out the mounting holes on the new MC and there is a pointed ajuster nut on the end of the brake pedle push rod the point that pushed on the MC.

I removed that ajuster and bolted it up simple simon. You can check my build thread for pics of how it all came togeather.

Master Cylinder Options for disk conversions. Mf Baker. For what it is worth, I have a Sequoia Master cylinder. It was designed by Toyota for 4wheel disk brakes as the Sequoia has 4 wheel disk brakes.Jump to navigation.

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Toyota 4Runner Tundra Brake Upgrade

Thank you! There is still a long way to go, but to celebrate we are bringing back our Spring Sale for another week! Complete your brake upgrade by swapping out your stock Pickup drum brake wheel cylinders with these larger FJ60 units. We have installed these FJ60 wheel cylinders on Pickups equipped with our Big Bore FJ80 and V6 Pickup brake master cylindersand it makes a huge improvement in rear drum brake performance!

This is not a cheap-o aftermarket knock off, this is a Genuine Made In Japan Toyota part guaranteed to last thousands and thousands of leak-free miles. For more information go to www. Browse Products. Current Specials! User login. Remember me. Create new account Request new password. Oversized Wheel Cylinder. Out of stock or unavailable. Related Products. Fluid Bleeder Rubber Cap.Remember Me? Site Navigation. First off That was very well done man! I say long overdue because I did my upgrade June My upgrade included: Tundra reman.

Overall I like the upgrade and the brakes feel very powerful, but i don't like the pedal feel. A typical brake application feels spongy and pedal travel is longer than before.

My wife even noticed recently and asked me if they were safe. Over the course of a year, I've pumped at least 4 quarts of fluid through the front calipers in an attempt to purge any hint of air, still spongy.

Thinking maybe something in the rear was at fault, I rebuilt the rear wheel cylinders with new OEM pistons. Installed new OEM shoes, checked parking brake adjustment it was perfect and needed no adjustmentthen ran about a quart and a half of fluid through the rear I read some comments in the thread about the increased caliper fluid volume being the cause and it seemed plausible, so I did some digging. Everything I find says the cylinder bore on the tundra caliper is The only fluid volume displaced from MC to caliper is the amount needed to move the 8 pistons in their bores.

Knowing the 13WL pistons are the same diameter as my original pistons, the only variable now is the distance the piston travels out of the bore, or really how much it returns into the bore after a brake application. Corrections to my info or theory are definitely welcomed. What is very consistent is that a quick little primer-pump followed by an immediate and real brake application results in what I would say is perfect pedal feel and travel.

That second real press of the pedal feels exactly right, nice and firm, even with a little feedback, and the travel is much shorter, like I remember it. During all of that flushing, literally a gallon and a half, and the reservoir never came close to empty.

Wheeler steering rack bushings. Member's Picture Albums. I've heard of the ABS system requiring a special tool to cycle the ABS to make sure the air gets out of there when bleeding, but I have no personal experience with it.

Sounds like you've bled the system more than enough at this point, I'd suggest you have very little to lose and much to gain by trying it out. I didn't get a chance to do this upgrade to the Surf, but this was always an issue I feared from reading others experiences, there's lots of people that would benefit from you finding a solution. Good luck.

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Someone else here mentioned going out to a dirt road, get up to about 15mph, and hit the brakes HARD and don't let off until you are stopped. This will engage the ABS and should purge any air from that system.

Then just drive home, bleed the brakes again, and you should be good to go. Rear - Daystar 1. Only a fool would believe otherwise. I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery! A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone! Find More Posts by shadowRemember Me? What's New?

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Re: Master Cylinder upgrade? FJ 60 Rotors,V6 calipers. Originally Posted by ToyFamily. Swordfish - 05' Camry 2. We have a spell check? When did that happen? This is a good thread. My brakes haven't been that good, so maybe it's time to upgrade the MS. Going to slap on some rotors and pads first though.

Originally Posted by YotaFun. Keith '88 4runner SR5 Garage Thread. Let us know how it turns out! A bigger bore moves more fluid, but produces less hydraulic pressure with the same amount of force on the pedal. In this case, I wanted to match what was available on the T The front brake line needed to be bent a bit to match up with the T MC port. I didn't bother to bench bleed it, prefering to do it on the vehicle with a rag under the lines. Initial driving impressions are good with pressure building and the pedal firm very near the top of it's travel, though when I get the T calipers on it should soften up a bit.

I would not recommend this size MC with the stock 1st gen calipers as it could get tiring to drive with the extra firm pedal. On a 2nd gen with the "S13WB" calipers though, it might be a nice upgrade that would give a better pedal feel. My signature. Originally Posted by NorCalBorn.

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I still may goto stainless lines. Originally Posted by slosurfer. Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:.

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Check here first!Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Russia- Land-Cruiser. Calendar New events. Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:. Middle Eastern Clubhouses Arabian Cruisers.

Group Clubhouses. Log in. Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Any 3rd Gen 4Runners with tundra brakes? Thread starter Azn toyo Start date Mar 19, Azn toyo. I need to replace my front brakes so figured I would upgrade. The problem is that I haven't been able to confirm if my wheels will clear the calipers. If someone has this setup, would you mind meeting up so I can try one of my wheels?

I have the set-up, but I'm in Wilmongton. There is a thread in T4R or yotatech or something that lists which stock rims will fit. I run them on my 4Runner. The only grinding I had to do was a small bit on the dust shield. Sorry I'm not closer to try out a wheel. Even if the caliper does not clear I can't imagine it would need more than just a tiny shave, provided you have 16" and not 15" wheels.

Better yet, I have some new take off 17" 4Runner wheels you might like. Glad to get together, but there is a ton of info about 16" vs mm vs mm tundra brakes with stock wheels.

Another option is spacers, but the trim on the dust shield looks pretty easy - not sure, you may need to trim anyway.

Toyota 4x4 Brake Master Cylinder and Brake Booster Specs

You would have to go with 17" wheels in that case. My 16" fit with the larger calipers.

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WeTher they fit depends on which design you have. Thanks for the info guys. Yeah I've read a lot of of the threads on the T4R forum.

3rd gen 4runner master cylinder upgrade

The problem is I can't find any good data on whether the wheel I have will fit. I know some FJ cruisers had this wheel and some newer 4runners but the only thing I could find was mention of a FJ 5 spoke wheel that would fit with a spacer but not picture confirmation or anything. That was also referenced from other threads and couldn't ever find the original source.Get some cool 4x4 tech every couple of weeks:. We respect your email privacy. For most people this gives the ability to lock up the front brakes without too much pedal travel but also does not make the brakes feel stiff or overly sensitive.

Most dual diaphragm boosters will swap on, but early trucks and 4Runners may require a little more work unless you use a turbo booster. You can find brake master cylinders and brake boosters in junkyards or through our links below. This is a stock FJ80 master cylinder. Our budget choice is the stock master cylinder for a V6 Toyota mini pickup or 4Runner.

This master cylinder is cheaper, but does not have the rear brake residual valve of the FJ80 master cylinder - it won't work quite as well as the FJ80 with rear discs. You may or may not need to bend your brake lines and splice the fluid level sensor wiring. Pre minis and 4Runners will probably have to do both as the front brake line port and the wiring plug are both different.

3rd gen 4runner master cylinder upgrade

A dual diaphragm brake booster will give you better pedal feel and create more vacuum assist. This helps you stop your heavy Toyota whether you're daily driving or on the trail. For most 4Runners and minis, this is the dual diaphragm brake booster you're looking for.

It has short studs, the correct 4 bolt master cylinder bolt pattern, and it will contribute significantly to having more powerful brakes that can stop heavy rigs on big tires.

The 2WD version of this booster has longer studs, but is otherwise similar to the 4WD version. This booster should bolt in to most 1st Gen Toyotas without modifications. A word of caution: Apparently not all of the turbo boosters are dual diaphragm, so try to make sure that it's listed in the description or that it actually is thicker like a dual diaphragm before you buy.

Your truck may have a thick aluminum spacer between the firewall and booster - you don't need it with this booster. Almost all Toyota master cylinders have M10x1. As far as we can tell, they all have the same 75mm x 45mm bolt pattern. This means that any 4 hole Toyota brake master cylinder will fit in place of another 4 hole master. Dual diaphragm boosters are a significant upgrade for braking in most Toyotas that have larger tires, are heavier, or that have rear disc conversions.

Dual diaphragm boosters provide more vacuum assist, which will decrease pedal effort. Recent Toyotas seem to be using an awful lot of single diaphragm brake boosters. For certain swaps, the outer diameter of the booster is pretty important. Dual diaphragm boosters can have large and small diameters. On solid axle pickups and 4Runners the steering u-joint is larger than on IFS trucks.

To clear the u-joint you can:.

3rd gen 4runner master cylinder upgrade

Some 1st Gen owners relocate the steering shaft with extra u-joints and a heim joint. Also see spacer options below. There appear to be 2 different spacers that fit between the booster and firewall. The thicker spacer is especially useful for clearing the clutch master in earlier Toys. The thick spacer requires longer studs on the back of the booster and will probably require you to lengthen the brake pushrod to compensate for the spacer thickness.

Most boosters that we are interested in swapping have the same firewall pattern. Brake Upgrades An excellent article on upgrading the brakes on a 4Runner. Master Cylinder Info.

Any 3rd Gen 4Runners with tundra brakes?

Brake Booster Upgrades? Dual Diaphram on a First Gen. Tyler came out of the womb with a Birfield in one hand and a stick of in the other, ready to weld any piece of trail-busted steel back together. He has wheeled, broken, and modified a variety of rigs, from Toyotas to Jeeps to Fords to Chevies.

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