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The reader is a captive in the camp and is saved by Drogo from sex with a cruel man. The reader thanks Drogo by having rough passionate sex with him could also include daddy kink, size difference, chest and ass groping and nipple suckling done by the reader to Drogo thanks! Originally posted by asktheboywholived.

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Your lips were dry and your eyelids seemed heavier than before. It was hot where ever you were. People knew you to be a guard, a damn good one at that. But those idiots were way too stupid. Your companions were robbed and taken in as slaves. You would have gladly left with what was over of their treasure but it seemed fate had a different in mind. One of their men had seen you and knocked you out.

When you had woken up, there were men in the tent. It was warm and they all had long tails. Most of them were long, the man with the longest noticed it first. They began talking but it was impossible to know what the hell they were talking about. Struggling, that was what you were doing. Their voices quickly went pretty loud. No weapons were pulled and no blood either but they did all leave. Keep reading. She had a mind like fire. Originally posted by iheartsansa.

Watching in awe to see three magnificent dragons flying in Westeros. She could see you grinning as the air hits you, you could fly for forever, you felt free. She saw you riding the white and gold one, and even a mere second she could hear the wild scream of a man who truly enjoyed life.

Who is the one you truly love!? Me or your brother Jaime!? The man turned around from his spot by the warm fire, his attention pulled away and to your stalking figure. He immediately became alert when he noticed the anger in your eyes, the hatred that was boiling. You pulled out your dagger, pressing the sharp metal against his throat.

You pressed it hard against his flesh, enough to break skin, but not enough to kill him — but you so oh badly wanted to. You traitor!

He gulped, his eyes wide, but he keep his posture calm. You were not to be wrecked with, especial since you were a dragon and skilled warrior. What is the meaning of this?! Glancing back, you noticed how she had a few of the unsoiled soldiers by her side.Originally posted by deeplysarcasticandutterlyproud.

Keep reading. Okay so I got a bunch of positive feedback, so I have made one story that I already had in mind when posting this. So I will post the link down there, I will also constantly update this post with the victorious fics I create.

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Princess Part 1 Beck Oliver. Like one where beck and jade get in a fight about the other spending to much time with you and then a cute little resolution?

Originally posted by musingfms. Beck approaches Jade with a small smile on his face, the intimidating woman continuing to sip on her slushie while sending random students a death glare. She stares at him for a moment, contemplating his words before her mouth lets go of her straw. He gives out a sigh when she starts walking away from him, having known that she would react this way.

I would love to go see it with her.

victorious x male reader

She gives out a chuckle that sounds eerie, a few people around starting to walk away in panic when they hear it. You asked for it. Beck gives you a warm smile, though he rapidly loses it when Jade speaks up, an angry pout on her lips. Jade gives out a groan, staying silent for a moment as she sheepishly looks away. Sounds fun. Beck rolls his eyes again just as you give out a laugh, holding both of their hands in yours and giving them a squeeze.

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victorious x male reader

Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Patience [Poly! Jade West x Reader x Beck Oliver]. Show more notes. So I have a quick question for you guys… should I or should I not do a Victorious characters x Reader? Our Turn - Poly! Jade x Reader x Beck. Originally posted by musingfms Beck approaches Jade with a small smile on his face, the intimidating woman continuing to sip on her slushie while sending random students a death glare.

But you go to see more movies with her more than me!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Everything went downhill for Tori and her gang once a man, claiming to be a god, snapped his fingers and their parents, along with all of Hollywood Arts ended up in a gorgeous movie theater to watch a show about their lives.

And, that a lot of secrets will be revealed. When Jade West becomes prey in a game of chase, she avoids death only thanks to the opportune arrival of unexpected saviors. And so she learns that not only is she not human, but the reason for an upcoming war between Heaven and Hell Beck and Jade seem to live inside their own little bubble, their own little fairytale.

It's been like this for years. That's until their facade comes crumbling down around them and there's nothing they can do about it. Beck is attracted to the new student.

Few problems though: 1. New student is super insecure, 2. New student shows up to school with bruises every day, and 3. New student is a guy.

jade west x reader x beck oliver

Beck can handle that. Really he can. This was really a quick Tumblr post to help me get over my writer's block. I thought it was kind of dope so I decide to turn into a quick drabble. Prompt: Jade has the right to be cocky at the moment. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.Author's Note: Hello my dear readers. I'm back with the sequel to iActually like Mean Girls.

I hope you will enjoy this story as much as the other one. This story runs concurrently with the Victorious episodes after Locked Up except for 'Helen Back Again' as I established in 'iActually Like Mean Girls' that episode had already taken place in an obvious AU fashion with Freddie with all the established happenstance of the previous story being there as if he had become a regular cast member of the television show.

The story may contain any possible events of future episodes of iCarly after the 'iSeddie Arc' that could be relevant. Oh, and somehow Trina is still at Hollywood Arts when she should have graduated. I'm just trying to make heads or tails about how the timeline works in Victorious and iCarly, but I believe mine is more consistent.

[SFM] Train Rides Are Still Fun (1 Year Channel Anniversary bbyyyy)

For God sakes, don't sue. Freddie has made his move to L. Freddie Benson let out a breath with his right hand hanging on to the cross strap of his blue book bag as he stepped through the entrance of Hollywood Arts and into the first day of his senior year at his new school… in a new city … in a new state… in a new life. He glanced across the main hallway and stairwell to see several dozen students milling around and catching up with one another. Some of them were already in some costumes or interesting headwear.

Others were playing various instruments and entertaining any student passing by them. However, his presence wasn't overlooked for long as a few took notice that he was standing just inside the school.

They started whispering to one another and calling attention to the others that hadn't noticed him. He quickly became the apparent topic for the students loitering in the hallway. A number of female students immediately started approaching him wearing smiles and their excitement at seeing him on their faces.

His hand tightened around the strap of his workhorse of a book bag as some form of comfort with what he was about to face either being swamped like he was at WebiCon from the girls or be inundated with questions about why he quite iCarly or why he moved to Los Angeles or if it was true that he was dating Jadelyn "Jade" West. The book bag was still something familiar and he was particularly glad at this moment he hadn't gotten rid of it for a new Hollywood Arts book bag.

He felt he needed at least something old to anchor himself as he started this new chapter in his life even if it had a patch of the Hollywood Arts' HA logo sewn on the backbut that was not the only source of comfort as his left hand swung loose by his side and he felt the gentle touch of another hand slide into his and fingers slip between his fingers.

He glanced to his left to see a very irritate looking Jade West.

victorious x male reader

She had turned a harsh glare at the approaching females and daring any of them to cross her. None of them took her up on her offer as they stopped in their tracks.

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The pale teenager held her gaze on them as she apparently was determined to establish from the outset that Freddie belonged to her and he was off the market. They started backing away, unwilling to challenge one of the school's Alpha females.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She could destroy any of them socially last year and they didn't doubt she could still do the same even if it was a new school year.Keep reading. To be perfectly honest, this story is kind of biased with my own personal feelings about the pairings. I try to keep them out of most stories, but I think in this one it came out for the better. Thanks for the challenging prompt! That would have made it too hard for him to go through with what he was about to do.

Marrying Tori was hard enough as it is. She was the perfect girlfriend, fiance and girl.

victorious x male reader

Beck had doubts for a while now, but here he was on his wedding day. Since he broke up with Jade and got together with Tori, it was like he was on a train he could not control. Everything he did was because it was expected of him. It was expected the popular guy would get with the popular girl. It was expected that they would move in together after a year and then engaged. He was just fulfilling the expectations. She had enough terrible exes as it was. Of course it was then that Jade walked in.

All it took was for one look from those emerald eyes and Beck knew what he had to do. There was no way he could commit to Tori with Jade around. He made his way to her room reminding himself it was the right thing to do.

He knocked on the door softly before entering. Jade rolled her eyes and sighed in annoyance.

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Jade shot them a glare. She glanced at Jade and then at the boys?Hey people! Kumi-chan here with her next NEW story. Please Read and Review! Teehee Enlighten me with what you have to say! The applications are at the end of the story and please Review and submit them Winner will be announced at the end of the week and they will appear in the next chapter!

Whether or not I get them, I will still continue the story and I will go with it as it is and make them up. It was midnight and the big white and pale, luminous moon shined in the dark skies. There weren't many stars out today, so it was like staring at midnight blue forever.

I skated on my skate-board up the pavement of my house. The silver Nissan Altima shined in the darkness as it sat idly in the driveway. Mom was home from the office. Just Great… more nagging for me to hear.

I thought. I reached the front door and stuck my house key in the lock. With a few turns and a click, the front door was open. I walked into the living room just to see my mom relaxing on the couch recliner with a million-dollar smile engraved in her middle-aged face.

I pursed my lips for a second and dropped my sling-bag by the door. She knew I was home by now; that lady rose up with glee and excitement as she ran over and tackled me to the hardwood floors.

G-Guess what? She was bouncing with joy like a child on Christmas morning. I gave my old woman a straight face as I kicked off my combat boots and hung my leather jacket onto the hang-post.

And the point it? Her smile faded and she stood up with a 'You Better Listen Now' look on her face. I mean what good is a daughter who can sing, act and do much more? Their two daughters attend Hollywood Arts! They are both talented… well… one is talented… You have much more talent than the Vega's! You are a Radke! And…" she giggled while saying this last part, "You know your mommy loves to brag," with her little rant over, she gave me a sappy face and puckered her bottom lip out in a pout.

I rolled my eyes again and sighed, "Your point is? I could care less about the Vega's down the street, mom. I still hold my grudge against the Trina-girl for spilling my apple juice and ruining my audition for the Elementary School Play, mommy-dearest.Warnings: Language, ex-sith, baby yoda, training, angst, fear, lightsaber, mentions of sex, some dark shit.

Originally posted by jackmarvin. Living on a small planet was better than he thought, it was nice and clam and not many people would recorginze him. He was a trained to be like them but he always hesitated and could never hurt anyone or anything, he was weak and he preferred to remain that way then be dark.

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He had kept his light saber hidden away in the deepest darkest part of the forest where he would never get it back.

Even if it called out for him he would finds ways to block out the little voice and continue on with his life. It kept him distracted from everything else and remained focus on his costumers that came from different places of the galaxy, holding up a smile as he greeted the travelers and offering them food and drinks.

The place was only full during busy hours which was around the afternoon, mornings were less crowded and only a few people would come and go. He remembers Darth Vader actually killing some of the mandalorians right in front of him so seeing this man brought him fear, its been five years. He wasnt here for you, was he?

Turns out that he had no idea who you were, he thought of you as a Normal civilian who worked hard to get what they earned. The mandalorian didnt just come once but twice and the third and then a four and so on, he continued to visit the cantin. He remembers spending nights with the mandalorian, lying in his own bed as the two kissed like their was no tomorrow.

The nights were passionate and steamy of course, he remained blindfolded. He was carrying a child in his arms.

And with a child? His breath was caught in his throat as he stared at the child, he could feel the force on this child. His body was replaced with fear instead. During my time with the child we sort of became a clan of two now. The child wasnt just force senstive but he was also the same species as the legendary Jedi master; Yoda. Din follows the other inside, once they are in he sets down the child on one of the chairs. The child coos softly as he made grabby hands towards Din, his ears lowering down as he whimpers.

The history the people, the findings, everything. Which explains why no one knows where Luke is right now. The Mandalorian glanced down at the child and gently touched its ears to put him at ease.

I—Din I watched innocent people die I watched as he destroyed planets with millions of lives! I can move objects with my mind, read peoples thoughts if I wanted too and can sense another force sensitive. He noticed Din suddenly hold the child closer to him, he knows that he was slowly losing his trust and their was no way for him to get it back. They were very bad people that have hurt so many and had killed innocent, he had to battle his way through a small army just to make sure that the child was protected and yet here he was, standing in the home of an ex-lord.

It hurt so much Din, god it hurt so much that I just had to keep it all away.

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